Thursday, 10 March 2011

Using the new "Track Mode" in Symphonix Evolution 1.6

Symphonix Evolution version 1.6 introduces "Track Mode", which allows many of the editing functions to apply only to the current track.  You can use this to create a number of interesting effects.  Firstly, quickly create a duplicate of a track. (This is so useful that we're thinking about adding a special button in a future version so you can easily duplicate a track in one step):
1. Select Track mode
2. Create a Selection
3. Touch inside the Selection and choose "Select All"
4. Touch the Selection again and choose "Copy"
5. Change to a different empty track and create a Selection, then touch inside it and choose "Paste".

Now make sure that the new track is playing on a different channel and choose a different instrument preset.  When you play back the song you now have combined the original track with the new one, and many instruments "blend" into entirely new sounds with more depth.  For example, add a guitar track and duplicate it to a piano, using the Mixer to put the piano track at a lower volume.  If you get it just right, the song will still sound like a guitar but the piano will add some texture to the tone, giving it more depth.  Another combination that works well is strings combined with a flute.

Now try experimenting with the new Track Octave Transpose function (see Track Settings in the online help), or use the Transpose function in Track mode to take the duplicate track up or down in pitch - you'll be surprised how easy it is to create rich tones in this way.


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