Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Chords in Symphonix Evolution 1.95

It's time to introduce another new feature that's coming soon to Symphonix Evolution version 1.95: Chord Sheet!
The Chord Sheet function analyzes the song and automatically calculates the best chords to accompany a track.  These chords can then be added to the track using notation or as a fret diagram.  If the track already contains chords then the Chord Sheet will display them for you in the key signature used by each measure.

Chord Sheet is especially useful for learning a song or identifying the chord progressions in a MIDI file.  It displays the chord name, fret and piano keyboard together in a single screen as well as the ability to play each measure separately in addition to the entire song.  The user can also manually select a chord to build new progressions and immediately hear the effect that chord has on the music.

We're really excited about version 1.95 and we've nearly finished our testing.  This version will be available in early September 2012!


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