Monday, 13 August 2012

Tap Tempo Coming in Symphonix Evolution 1.95

As we continue to work our way toward version 1.95 of Symphonix Evolution, it's time to talk about another new upcoming feature:  Tap Tempo!

Notice the new "Tap" button in the top right corner of the Tempo entry screen? Tap this button in time with the beat and the tempo will update accordingly.  This feature works even when a song is not playing, but observant readers will also see that the Tempo screen has new buttons in the lower left corner for starting and stopping playback.  This is to help with another new feature...Tempo Track!

Now if the tempo is changed while the song is playing, and the Stop button is pressed, Symphonix Evolution detects the tempo changes and asks whether or not to save them:

Choose the "Use current tempo as the initial tempo" option to keep the most recent tempo change you made and use it as the new tempo for the song  (This finally provides a way to adjust the tempo during playback).  The second option is more interesting however, as it allows the tempo changes to be added to the song using Track #1 as the "tempo track", preserving the timing of the original changes in the order that they were made.

With these new features it is now possible to enter a score from sheet music or by recording an instrument, and then use the tempo function to add subtle tempo changes into the music to make it sound more natural.

We'll keep updating this blog over the next few days as we reveal more features!


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