Saturday, 24 September 2011

Percussion/Key Maps

In the last posting I mentioned that we are working on a percussion/key mapping editor, so that you can create individual named notes for drum or synth effect presets and tell Symphonix Evolution where to place them on the percussion staff.
Here's a screenshot of the editor so you can see how it works:
As you can see, in the next version you will have complete control over the note symbol and where it should appear on the staff.  Once these mappings are created, the app allows you to setup a percussion clef for one or more tracks and choose which notes to use in each track - The correct note and symbol are then automatically selected when notes are dragged onto the staff.  It's also possible to save default percussion setups as the default for new songs.

We're still working on more new features, so keep watching this space over the next few weeks!


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