Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A SysEx Manager is coming, and more!

We're putting together the next update for Symphonix Evolution.  As usual, this release will add a number of new features and today I'd like to talk about the new System Exclusive Manager. 

Many synths use MIDI System Exclusive messages to access advanced features, or to switch between a "General MIDI" and "Native" mode. The messages themselves are often complicated and it is useful to have a stored list for easy access.  The System Exclusive Manager makes this possible.

There's no limit to how many messages you can store and these can be inserted anywhere in the song by using the Controller button on the main app Toolbar.

The SysEx messages themselves are kept in the Device Map file (.sxd) and the inbuilt editor makes it easy to quickly add the data.  Of course, if you have a lot of messages to add, the device file is an XML file that can be edited in a text editor on your Mac or PC.

If you look carefully at the screenshots in this posting you might also notice an option for "Key Maps".  These are used for patches such as percussion or synth effects where each key is mapped to a different sound.  For example, a percussion patch might use different notes for bass, tom, hihat and cymbal.  In the next version, the device manager will allow you to store the name of each note.  A new Percussion clef is being added, and the app will provide a way for you to map each line of the staff to a percussion symbol and named note (regardless of the actual MIDI note number).

Many more functions are coming - we'll keep you posted over the next few weeks as we start to put together the next release.  In the meantime, post comments here about any other features you'd like to see in the app!


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