Friday, 7 September 2012

Symphonix Evolution 1.95 now available

Symphonix Evolution 1.95 hits the App Store today!

Here's a summary of the new features:
  • MIDI control input allows external devices to control App functions 
  • New function for access to synth parameters 
  • New rectangular selection tool 
  • New tool to toggle selected note enharmonics 
  • Improved Controller function for dragging MIDI events into a song 
  • Added setting to change metronome volume 
  • Improved user interface with slide-out panel for file functions 
  • New tap tempo function 
  • New tap tempo recording 
  • Added option for auto note stem placement 
  • Finger positions are now notated in the score if available 
  • New function for adding grace notes 
  • Automatic chord matching and display when playing notes 
  • Added improved interface for track and song controls, including new buttons for "all notes off", "synth reset" and "controller reset". 
  • New Chord Sheet function to easily detect and manage chords in a song 
  • Added Play and Stop buttons to the Print Preview screen 
  • Added option for inserting both chord name and notation to the Chord Builder 
  • Added text filter to the file browser 
  • The lyric tool now supports voice input on iPad 3rd Generation 
  • Improved response time when loading and saving files

Bugs Fixed: 
  • Time signature changes were not saved to SXE files 
  • Fix for MIDI channel assignments when loading some files 
  • Internal drum sounds were not shown in the correct instrument groups 
  • Measure numbers were displayed incorrectly after loading a file 
  • MIDI controller messages were not recognised in a MIDI file if no program change event was found at the beginning of a track 
  • Fixed issues with playing to Bluetooth or AirPlay devices 
  • Fixed note timing issue with some MIDI tracks


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