Sunday, 12 February 2012

Symphonix Evolution 1.87 has been submitted to the App Store

The next version of Symphonix Evolution has been submitted to the App Store for review.  As mentioned previously, this version adds support for Dropbox file sharing.  The rest of the update focuses on bug fixes and general improvements to usability and stability.

Here's a "heads up" on the enhancements:

  • Files can now be opened or saved from Dropbox
  • It is now easier to locate files by filtering between All Files, Symphonix files and MIDI files
  • Double tap in the Selection bar to select a measure, triple tap to select the whole song
  • Touch the Measure button on the main toolbar to Go To a Measure
  • Added Go to Measure button to the Sheet Music View screen
These bugs have been fixed:
  • After saving in MIDI format with lyrics, the file was not able to be loaded
  • The song file could be corrupted if duplicating or splitting tracks containing beamed or tied notes
  • Cut and paste operations could cause incorrect display of beamed notes
  • The client could crash when attempting to go to a measure
  • The Clear button on the Track Management screen did not operate correctly
The ability to quickly select a Measure or the whole Song makes it much easier to hear playback of a single Measure and addresses one of the functions that have been most requested by our users:  Simply double-tap above the measure and then tap the Play button.

We're now busy updating the Player app to bring it up to the same feature level as the main Symphonix Evolution app - More about this soon!


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