Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Symphonix Evolution 2.0 supports the QuNexus

We're pleased to announce that Symphonix Evolution 2.0 will include "out of the box" support for the forthcoming QuNexus controller from Keith McMillen Instruments.

From Keith McMillen's website at www.keithmcmillen.com:
"QuNexus is a vividly illuminated keyboard controller that is fun for beginners and a must for professionals. 25 touch-sensitive keys detect finger pressure, velocity, and tilt, giving you an unprecedented degree of musical control. Blue and white LEDs with 16 levels of brightness give you valuable feedback. Use the toggle/hold feature to build chords and create your own step sequencer or arpeggiator with LED feedback."
Like Symphonix Evolution, the QuNexus is designed to be a great tool for beginners to learn music, while at the same time being a powerful and useful addition to the professional musician's toolkit.

You can access the QuNexus settings from the Profiles option on the Advanced Settings MIDI Controller screen.

Press the blue arrow button next to the Profile displayed at the top of the panel and you will see a drop-down list.  Choose "QuNexus" from the list:

Now you'll see that various controllers are automatically set up for the QuNexus so you can use it right away to make great music!

We're really excited about the new QuNexus controller and have been eagerly following its progress through KickStarter and the recent NAMM show.  We wish Keith McMillen Instruments all the best as they launch this fantastic new product!


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