Sunday, 13 July 2014

IK Multimedia's iRing Motion Control

It's been a little while since I last posted an update here, but rest assured we have been very busy here and I'm pleased to announce that the next version of Symphonix Evolution is almost complete.  We hope to be releasing it very soon, most likely before the end of July 2014.

Symphonix Evolution v2.5 is a major update that adds a number of new features including inbuilt support for the iRing motion control system from I.K. Multimedia!

For those who are unfamiliar with the iRing, it uses the iPad's camera sensor to detect the position of two ring-shaped controllers in real time.

IRing Controllers

The position of each controller is determined in 3D space allowing X (horizontal left-right), Y (vertical up-down) and Z (depth) coordinates to be used by the app.  Symphonix Evolution can map each of these parameters individually to a MIDI custom controller or pitch bend, creating six possible controller inputs.  As far as the app is concerned this input is treated exactly like the input from any other MIDI device, allowing rich expression to be added to song compositions.  The app reads the iRing at least 25 times a second so latency is approximately 40-50 milliseconds.

Symphonix Evolution also sends the input from the iRing to any connected MIDI devices, allowing the app to control other apps in the same way.

We're really excited about the flexibility this adds to Symphonix Evolution and we look forward to revealing more information about the upcoming version 2.5 over the coming weeks!


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