Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Symphonix Evolution 1.86

We've submitted Symphonix Evolution 1.86 to the App Store!  This update includes these changes:

  • It is now possible to define a set of System Exclusive messages for external devices 
  • Percussion symbols can be defined for each device, and mapped to lines in the Percussion Staff 
  • A new display mode has been added to manage tracks more effectively 
  • It is easier to add Controller Events to a score 
  • It is now possible to add Time Signature changes 
  • Added new Split, Merge, Duplicate and Clear functions 
  • Tracks can be merged when printing 
  • Easier note selection in Piano Roll mode 
  • It is easier to drag and extend a Selection 
  • It is now possible to select text and delete it 
  • Sleep mode is now disabled in Step Recording mode

The following bugs have also been fixed:

  • Fixed bugs in chord builder 
  • Fixed size of MIDI import screen 
  • Fixed handling of accidentals in key signatures 
  • Default lead-in count for recording is now saved properly  
  • Fixed bugs when printing multiple tracks 
 Over the next few days we'll be posting some videos about how to use the new features, so stay tuned!

*** UPDATE ***
We've had reports of the app crashing on startup when running on the iPad2.  This has been traced to an optimization issue in the LLVM compiler.  We've recompiled without the optimization setting and submitted version 1.86.1 to the App Store.  If you haven't yet upgraded, please wait until version 1.86.1


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