Thursday, 5 January 2012

Symphonix Evolution continues to improve...

Well, we've been busy over the last few weeks!  Firstly, a second small update to version 1.86 is waiting for the App Store review process.  1.86.2 fixes a number of small issues with notation as well as some bugs with time signature changes.  It also adds a few small enhancements:
  • The new Track Summary view now has "Play" and "Stop" buttons so it's easier to hear the changes you make.
  • We've added a button to the Track Preset selection so it's possible to hear the instrument sound at time of selection (this feature was inadvertently removed in version 1.85 and we've made sure it's back)
  • A new "Soft MIDI Thru" mode has been added to the Settings screen.  When this mode is turned on, received MIDI input is automatically sent to the MIDI output on the channel of the currently selected track.  This allows a MIDI controller to act as an input device for a separate MIDI output device.
You should see 1.86.2 some time in the next week or so, depending on how long it takes to be reviewed.


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