Saturday, 28 April 2012

More Features for Beginners

In my last post I mentioned that we're busy adding new features to Symphonix Evolution to make it more useful as a learning tool.  One of the new functions is the ability to enter the finger positions for each note:
This screen capture shows the new feature in action - In this mode, an instructor first selects a note from the music in the top part of the screen and tells Symphonix Evolution the finger that should be used to play that note.  Later, when the student loads the song into the app, the finger positions will appear on the piano keyboard while the music is playing.  Even if the music is not playing, it's possible to select any position in the score to see the notes and finger positions for the highlighted notes.

The new tools make it easy to create and save finger exercises, or to prepare tutorials for learning new pieces of music.

Keep watching this blog and we'll reveal more information about the next version of Symphonix Evolution over the coming weeks!


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