Monday, 30 April 2012

Virtual MIDI Support is Coming

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about Virtual MIDI, which provides a way for different apps to connect to each other as if they were real MIDI devices.  Using Virtual MIDI it is possible for one app to generate MIDI while another app generates the sound, or to play music in one app and record it in another.

We're pleased to announce that Virtual MIDI is coming in the next update to Symphonix Evolution!

Virtual MIDI also brings other notable improvements including the ability to:
  • Select which MIDI devices are connected to (currently Symphonix Evolution connects to all discovered devices)
  • Continue playing music when running in the background
  • Generate MIDI clock signals (master clock)
  • Slave to MIDI clock signals generated by external MIDI devices or apps
Of course it's still very much a work in progress - When the next version is complete you will also have the ability to receive specific MIDI channels from specific devices.

These changes allow Symphonix Evolution to be an integral part of your virtual studio!


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