Saturday, 12 May 2012

An Arpeggiator for Symphonix Evolution

We're nearly done with our testing of Symphonix Evolution version 1.90, but there's one more feature to talk about - Introducing the Arpeggiator function!
The Arpeggiator has over 16 operating modes (patterns) including random sequence, with variable note lengths and a configurable octave span.  External MIDI devices can be used as an input in addition to the virtual synth keyboard built into Symphonix Evolution.  It's also possible to use an external virtual MIDI connection, and the output of the Arpeggiator can of course be routed to MIDI devices.

This feature can be used on its own as a MIDI/performance tool, or recorded and combined with the Rhythm Generator to create many new interesting patterns and variations.  Version 1.90 will be submitted to the App Store very soon now, so there's not long to wait!


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