Friday, 25 May 2012

Symphonix Evolution 1.90 Available Today

Version 1.90 of Symphonix Evolution is finally here, and will hit the App Store today!

Here's the list of changes:
  • It is now possible to enter instrument finger positions 
  • New settings for background playback and virtual MIDI 
  • New settings for beginners to assist with note recognition and playback 
  • Added an Arpeggiator function 
  • Mute function is now available from the main screen 
  • Easier scrolling when dragging the main scrollbar 
  • Added a new Pad mode for full piano keyboard visibility 
  • The current Pad mode is saved between sessions 
  • Added the ability to select MIDI devices 
  • Added staccato note accent 
  • Support for transposing instruments separate to concert pitch 
  • Added function to transpose by octave 
  • Support for MIDI clock

The following bugs were also fixed: 
  • Piano Roll rendering of measures was incorrect 
  • Tied notes were not treated as a single long note by Piano Roll 
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of rests in percussion symbol mode 
  • Fixed position of chord builder relative to selection 
  • Program change events were not handled in MIDI files 
  • Fixed note position when printing with key signature other than C
We'll further explore some of the new features in this blog over the next few days.


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