Thursday, 28 June 2012

Symphonix Evolution Version 1.91 Release

Symphonix Evolution version 1.91 hits the App Store today!

The big news for this release is the ability to export songs in MusicXML format, the addition of a guitar chord library to show fret diagrams and finger positions, and Play Lists for managing music and grouping songs into albums. 

Here's the full list of changes:
  • Songs may now be exported to MusicXML format for use in other notation applications 
  • It is now possible to group songs into Play Lists 
  • Added Delete track button to the Track Summary view 
  • Added "Move Up/Move Down" buttons to the Track Summary view for changing track order 
  • Chord Builder now allows chords to be added to the score as Notation, Text (Chord Name Only) or Guitar Fret Diagram 
  • When pausing song playback, the current position is now selected automatically, allowing playback to resume from that position by pressing Play again
The following bugs were also fixed:
  • The track name could display as garbage in the Track Summary view if no mapping for an instrument in a song could be found 
  • Saving over an existing file in Dropbox resulted in a duplicate file with (1) at the end of the name instead of replacing the old file 
  • Beamed notes could display incorrectly after using the Copy/Paste function
  • Fixed various issues with the Virtual MIDI implementation and background play  
  • The Clear function on the main toolbar now leaves measures, key changes and time signature changes in place, and only deletes notation 

1 comment:

  1. Now that you export in MusicXML, please also allow importing of MusicXML files. In addition, please make sure to support lyrics (and use a Unicode/UTF-8 font so that Chinese/Japanese/Korean lyrics can be displayed). For me, MusicXML import and Unicode fonts are the 2 big features that Symphonix Evolution is still missing.