Monday, 30 July 2012

Coming Soon: Symphonix Evolution 1.95

Since version 1.90 and 1.91 we've been busy making our app even better!

Here's just a few of the new features that are coming soon:
  • Map functions to MIDI controllers so that external hardware or MIDI apps can control the software.  For example using a MIDI controller keyboard to change track presets or control the transport functions
  • Significant performance improvements and improved stability
  • Improved user interface for transport controls and more intuitive design of other features such as Controller input
  • Access to low-level synthesizer parameters (this is one of our favorites and will be covered in this blog soon)
  • More powerful selection tools for modifying notes and manipulating the song
Over the next few weeks we'll discuss some of these features in more detail here, as we work toward the final release.  August is going to be a great month!


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