Sunday, 3 July 2011

Symphonix Evolution 1.82 has been submitted to iTunes

It shouldn't be long now before you see the next update to Symphonix Evolution, subject to the usual App Store review.  As noted in the previous post, the main change in this update is significant performance and stability enhancements on iPad 2.  But we also couldn't resist adding some new features!
  • Added "lead in" count function when recording
  • Added "punch in/out" function to recording
  • Added "auto sync" function to keep notes aligned across all tracks while editing
  • Added new settings for Metronome to set the percussion channel notes used for beats and measures
  • Minor bug fixes to some editing functions

These address some of the requests made by users to our support mailbox.

The "Lead In" count function tells the app to count in for a number of measures before starting a real-time recording so you have time to prepare.  Punch In/Out allows you to re-record over part of a track without clearing the entire track, so you can correct errors easily.  Finally, Auto-Sync makes it possible to automatically line up the notes in other tracks with new notes as you drag them into the score so that each vertical "column" of notes represents the same time offset regardless of which track you're in.

The iPad 2 enhancements relate to differences in the CPUs used in iPad 1 vs iPad2, which caused the timing of some of the low-level waveform processing to be different depending on the device.  This in turn caused some of the functions to finish earlier or later than expected and that in turn impacted the audio quality.  In some cases it could even cause the app to crash, so we're very happy to report that the problem is now resolved.

We've got one more update coming soon to the MIDI Breakout Box app and then our focus will shift to the next major version of Symphonix Evolution - Big things are coming!


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