Saturday, 30 July 2011

Work continues on Patches, Tempo and Tracks

Work continues on the next version of Symphonix Evolution.  Firstly, the patch map editor mentioned in the previous post is now complete and in version 1.85 it will be possible to setup or edit MIDI preset maps for external devices from right inside the app:
The patch maps are stored in XML format and can also be edited in a text editor on your PC by copying the files into or out of iTunes (more on this in future posts!).

We've also redesigned the screens for selecting tracks, presets and channels.  These replace the original "retro" screens, which looked great but were a bit awkward to use.  For example, here's the new Track Selection screen:
It combines two of the previous screens into a single panel, and also makes it easier to access the Mute, Solo and Hide functions.

The new Tempo selection makes it much easier to quickly enter the tempo you need:
We're now focusing on the next major feature, which I'll keep under wraps for now except to say that it adds significant functionality to the app.  More about this in the next post!


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