Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Symphonix Evolution Work in Progress

It's been a while since I've posted about what we're working on with Symphonix Evolution, so here's a quick update.  This is the new track preset selection screen:
You can see that the instruments will be grouped into Families (these correspond to the General MIDI groups).  Select a Family in the left panel and the list of presets in that Family are displayed in the panel on the right.  This makes it much easier to quickly locate the instrument you need.

In the top part of the window you'll also see the ability to control whether the track should output to MIDI or the internal synth, or both (in the current version this is a global setting that can't be set on individual tracks).

There's also a Device Map function, which allows you to use one preset for the internal synth and a completely different preset when outputting to MIDI.  It will be possible to create new Device Maps, meaning that you can set up a mapping for your own MIDI devices and select all of the presets by name.  You can even use different devices on different tracks (provided they are on different MIDI channels).

Of course this is only one screen - there are many other enhancements and we'll keep you updated as we work toward the next release.  Stay tuned over the coming weeks!


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