Sunday, 7 August 2011

Chord Builder

In the previous post we promised we'd tell you about another new feature in the upcoming version 1.85 of Symphonix Evolution, so we're pleased to unveil the new Chord Builder!
The Chord Builder allows the user to select a chord and then insert the notes directly into the song using the current key signature and note length.  The screen updates immediately during chord selection to show the notation (in the current key signature) and the piano keyboard highlights the notes, which makes it easy to learn how to read and play each chord.  It's also possible to hear the chord play through the internal synth or external MIDI device if connected.

Many commonly used chord types are represented including all possible inversions and variants such as "power" chords.

Development on version 1.85 is nearly complete and we're now concentrating on testing.  We'll post more information about the final release date soon.


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