Sunday, 28 August 2011

Patch Map Converter

Now that Symphonix Evolution 1.85 has been released, we've also put together an application to convert your existing Cakewalk®/Sonar® instrument files into the Symphonix Evolution format, so you can use the presets for your external MIDI devices right away without having to create the Device Map inside the Symphonix Evolution app.

The converter asks for the filename of an ".ins" instrument definition file and the output filename of the ".sxd" Symphonix Evolution patch map you'd like to create.

Once the .sxd file has been created,  use iTunes® to copy it from your Mac or PC to the iPad using the same procedure that you'd use for transferring MIDI files.

Please note that the Symphonix Evolution instrument "families" are not created automatically, since this information is not contained in the .ins file, and the converter assumes General MIDI style mappings. After you've loaded the .sxd file on your iPad, use Symphonix Evolution to edit the device map and select the correct instrument family for each instrument, or edit the .sxd file in a text editor and add the families there.

You can download the patch converter from here:
Mac Version (OSX 10.4 or later)
Windows Version


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