Saturday, 27 August 2011

Symphonix Evolution 1.85 Released!

Symphonix Evolution 1.85 hits the App Store today!  This update is packed with new features, enhancements and bug fixes - Here's a list of all the changes:

New Features and Enhancements:
  • Sheet Music View. The main Symphonix Evolution screen can now be switched into a “Sheet Music” mode that displays in Portrait Orientation, with multiple lines of music per page. 
  • External MIDI Device Patch Maps. Patch maps for external devices to be created and edited.
  • Support for AirPlay®. It is now possible to route the output of the internal synth to AirPlay®.
  • Play to WAV file. It is now possible to render the music output to a WAV file, for use in other applications. 
  • Play to Pasteboard. It is now possible to render the music output to the Pasteboard, for use in other applications that support audio pasting. 
  • Redesigned screens for track, preset, tempo and channel selection 
  • Chord Builder. This is a new screen that allows chords to be inserted directly into the score.
  • Redesigned Mixer screen. The Mixer now shows Pan as well as Volume for each track, as well as current activity (levels) on each track. 
  • Remote Connection Capability. Touch this icon to start a peer-to-peer connection with compatible external applications that can be used to control or send input to Symphonix Evolution. 
  • Auto MIDI File Key Signature. When MIDI files are loaded without a key signature, Symphonix Evolution will now automatically choose the key signature that results in the fewest number of note accidentals. 
Bug Fixes:
  • Piano Roll - Improved note selection. It should be easier to select, drag and resize notes without scrolling accidentally 
  • Piano Roll - Measures were not displayed on the correct beat lines with time signatures other than 4/4
  • Piano Roll - The Piano Roll allowed the user to rotate the screen into Portrait mode, causing the main display to be displayed incorrectly after closing the piano roll screen.
  • Realtime Recording - Some screen buttons still responded to user interaction when recording was active, even though the buttons were not visible. These have now been disabled.
  • MIDI - Pitch bend events from external MIDI devices were not played correctly through the internal synth causing the note to sound at the wrong pitch during recording, even though the correct pitch was recorded. This could cause the internal synth to sound off pitch by as much as two semitones. 
  • Song Playback - Repeats did not play correctly if the next repeat started on the same measure as the end of the previously repeating section (i.e. two repeated sections one after the other with the next section beginning on the very next bar after the end of the previous section).
  • Notation - When scoring notes, a full measure containing a single note would center the note in the measure, causing it to be misaligned with other tracks. This behaviour is now limited to whole note rests only. 
  • Notation - Uncommon accidentals were chosen when recording into some key signatures. Common note names are now used where possible.  
  • Notation - Incorrect leger line positions were displayed for some notes in certain key signatures, causing the rendered notation to be wrong compared to the played notes. 
The "SE Controller" app is also available from today, and our "Player" app will be updated within the next few days.


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