Monday, 22 August 2011

One More Feature Coming Soon in Symphonix Evolution 1.85

We've nearly finished testing Symphonix Evolution 1.85 and are about to submit it to iTunes for review.  Before we do, here's one last surprise - Sheet Music View!

Sheet Music View shows multiple lines of notation in portrait orientation, and is designed to make it easier to use when playing along with the music.  It's especially useful when setting the clef to a single staff and hiding other tracks.

This makes it possible to use Symphonix Evolution for displaying lead sheets during a performance and also works well with lyrics.

In "Sheet Music" mode notes are highlighted as they play, and the screen updates a full page at a time instead of the horizontal scrolling when in landscape mode.

When viewing multiple tracks overlaid (see the screenshot), Sheet Music mode makes it much easier to see the flow of the music and how the tracks interact with each other across multiple bars.  Swipe gestures can be used to "turn the pages", so this feature presents a familiar way to see the music.

We're still saving a few more features for the actual release, so there's more to come!


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